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Chicos Mambo

Dance Public Award at Festival de Avignon in 2015

Dance - Humor

Play's presentation

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company Chicos Mambo, Philippe Lafeuille (artistic director and choreographer of the company) creates TUTÚ, a funny and original show, presented for the first time at the Bobino Theater in Paris, in October 2014.

Six dancers take us for an unbridled visual walk full of humor. During 20 scenes, they will review the great icons of classical and contemporary ballet, ballroom dance, rhythmic gymnastics ... It is a declaration of love for dance, in which delirium goes hand in hand with the demand. It offers the inexperienced the opportunity to discover the essential works and the experts to observe, from a new perspective, but without ever distorting them.

Each scene is a new exuberant surprise, in which the company transports us to its unpredictable and theatrical universe. The six interpreters, all men and as real chameleons, assume various roles in more than 40 characters. They will leave us impressed and astonished. But the success of the company not only lies in its sense of humor; but also in their technique.

Public Dance Award at the Avignon Festival of 2015.


The company Chicos Mambo was born 20 years ago, in 1994 in Barcelona, ​​after the meeting between its current director, Philippe LAFEUILLE, with two dancers; one Catalan and the other Venezuelan. The dance experience and the sense of humor produced the original wit of his shows.

Chicos Mambo achieved success very quickly in Spain and France. His first show won the favor of the critics and the public, thus achieving the prize «Company - Revelation» in several competitions (Terradicim, Butaca, Sebastia Gasch). This success put the company on the set of the Spanish network TV3, for which they devised more than 200 unique and original sketches.

But their authentic international career began with their show Meli-Melo (1998). They began touring Spain, France and Italy, and then spent two months touring Japan. The company made two long series in Paris: three months at the Dejazet theater (1999), and three months at the Teatro du Gymnase (2000).

This adventure continued with Meli-Melo II, presented for the first time at the OFF Festival in Avignon in 2006. The show received the "Best International Show" award at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, just before touring North America and Europe until 2013.

 At present, the company Machos Mambo is recognized worldwide: from Paris to Japan, through Canada, Luxembourg, Scotland, Holland and Italy.



TUTU is a choreographic joke, but never jokes about technique or efficiency.
Le Monde

Undoubtedly the most surprising and exhilarating show of the season.

The feat of this collection of humorous scenes, performed by "dancers" with big feet, is that it exploits the defects of several styles of dance: from contemporary dance to pop, from reality shows to Olympic parades.

Incredible Infallible [...] Unpayable.
La Stampa (Italy)

The performers not only impress by their comedy and theatrical effectiveness, but also shine for their spectacular dance: a real pleasure for the public.
Afficha (Russia)


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