Lú - Cia Maduixa
Público Joven / Familiar

Cia Maduixa

LÙ 路

Dance and visual arts to enjoy whit the family. A magical, creative and poetic show.


Laia Sorribes & Melissa Usina

Idea and direction
Joan Santacreu

Dramaturgy and assistant director
Paula Llorens

Choreographic direction
Baldo ruiz

Movement advisor
Cristina Fernandez

Musical composition
Damien Sanchez

Playwright and assistant director
Pau Bachero

Virtual Art & Bea Herráiz

Costume designer
Joan Miquel Reig

Costume realization

Sound effects
Dani Miquel

Lighting design
Ximo Olcina

Lighting technician
Sergi sanjuan

Sound deck
Andres Roses

Graphic design
Joan Santacreu

Jordi Pla
Juan G. Sanz

Production Assistant
Elena Villagrasa
Marianne marvel

Executive production
Maduixa Theater

Play's presentation

The leading actresses of this story live in a place surrounded by land and poverty. They work and work in the fields without rest. However, in order to survive, they have turned work into a game, because… it is impossible to stop a child from playing.
This show is about the power of creativity and imagination as a form of escape from the cruelty and hardship of life.

With “LÙ” we go deep into dancing and plastic arts, to enjoy a magical,
creative and poetic show with the family.


Dance and highly plastic images are the tools we like to play with at Maduixa to show our way of seeing art: a means to change the world through beauty. We are encouraged to address an issue that concerns us, child labor that still continues in much of the world. But we want to show it from the world of fantasy and imagination, as an open door to hope, thanks to which the little ones resist the harshness of their living conditions.

In this piece, halfway between contemporary dance, audiovisual and plastic arts, there are two girls who every day are forced to work in extremely harsh conditions. They, however, manage to survive day after day with enormous power of resilience. Perhaps it is because their inner world, that imaginary universe that they share and where they take refuge, allows them to face suffering and injustice. Together they find a way to play. And in their games they reflect their dreams and desires: a home and a family. They tell us about it while inviting us to free our imagination, and especially our creativity.

With a title, Lú, which in Chinese means “path”, this montage introduces us to the magic and poetry of a plastic world based on points, lines and shapes, where the oriental inspiration comes from minimalism and also from the pointillist universe of the Japanese Yayoi Kusama.


  • Lú - Cia Maduixa
  • Lú - Cia Maduixa
  • Lú - Cia Maduixa